Small World Rabbit Feed Review: Top Choice for Bunnies?

Just recently I had the chance to try out the Small World Rabbit Feed, which claims to offer complete nutrition for all types of rabbits.

True to its promise, this feed seems to be a game-changer for rabbit owners. The 25-pound bag is full of firm, durable pellets that my floppy-eared friends seem to enjoy, not only satisfying their hunger but also helping to keep their teeth in good shape.

These pellets have become a staple in the diet of my rabbits, providing them with the high dietary fiber they need for a well-functioning digestive system.

Integrating seamlessly into their daily feeding routine, even the pickiest of my rabbits don’t turn up their noses at this feed.

From my perspective as a vet, I can appreciate the careful formulation designed to meet the needs of rabbits at every stage of life. It’s satisfying to see my little clients thriving on a feed that supports their growth and well-being.

long hair rabbit eating hay

Small World Rabbit Feed Overview

I recently had the chance to watch some bunnies munch on their Small World Rabbit Feed, and I must say, its reputation for being a well-rounded meal seems well-earned.

I notice that these firm pellets, aside from encouraging healthy chewing habits, play a significant role in dental care, helping to keep teeth trim—a common concern among rabbit owners.

What grabs my attention is the high fiber content; it’s crucial for a rabbit’s digestive health, and that’s something I always emphasize to pet owners.

Speaking of nutrition, it’s evident that Small World has designed their rabbit feed to be a daily diet that provides all the necessary nutrients.

While my furry patients tend to favor hay-based diets, for those looking for an economically priced alternative, this feed is a sensible choice.

Just recently, a client mentioned the substantial savings they’re now enjoying since the price dropped—a relief after previous fluctuations, possibly due to market disruptions.

However, it’s not perfect. I wish the blend incorporated timothy hay to better reflect a rabbit’s natural diet, but for owners needing a cost-effective, durable feed, this product does the job and keeps their pets hopping happily.

Overall, it’s a good choice for rabbit owners seeking a balance between quality and budget.

Complete nutritionNot timothy hay-based
Suitable for all rabbits
High fiber content
Economical pricing
Teeth maintenance

My take? It’s a dependable everyday feed that’s worth considering, especially when keeping an eye on the budget without compromising your bunny’s health.

Complete Nutrition

When it comes to feeding our furry friends, we want the best for them, something that supports their health and well-being. In my experience, Small World Rabbit Feed stands out, especially because it’s crafted for all types of rabbits.

As a vet who sees many rabbits, the importance of dietary fiber in their diet cannot be overstated, and this feed takes that into account with its high fiber content.

The feed’s firm pellets are a bonus as they help keep rabbits’ teeth in check—something I often remind my clients about.

Rabbits’ teeth are always growing, and a diet that helps manage that growth is essential. The durability of these pellets ensures they don’t just crumble away, making it a practical choice, too.

Some feeds can be hit or miss with rabbits’ sensitive digestive systems, but I’ve noticed this one seems to sit well more often than not. Feeding it every day provides a good nutritional base.

As for the other benefits, I appreciate that it’s designed to be fed daily, reinforcing a consistent feeding routine. That said, always remember no single product is perfect.

Balancing this feed with fresh veggies and adequate water is the key to a happy and healthy rabbit.

Suitability for All Rabbits

Recently, I had the chance to recommend Small World’s Rabbit Feed to my clients, and they’ve been pleased with how it suits rabbits of different breeds and sizes.

High dietary fiber is crucial for these pets, and this feed nails it on that front. Its fiber content supports their digestive systems efficiently, keeping them running smoothly.

What I appreciate about the pellets is that they’re firm and durable, which is essential for dental health—rabbits need to gnaw to keep their teeth in check.

Yet, a few of my clients have noted they’d prefer a timothy hay-based option, considering it’s a more natural forage for rabbits.

It’s important to complement this feed with hay, vegetables, and clean water to round out their diet. Overall, for an everyday feed that promotes good health and nutrition, Small World seems to fit the bill nicely.

Plus, considering the recent price drop, it’s become a convenient and affordable option for bunny parents.

Pellet Durability

In my daily practice, I’ve come across various rabbit feeds, but the durability of the pellets is something I watch closely.

The pellets from Small World stand out for their firmness. From what I’ve observed, these durable pellets hold their shape well, which is important for a rabbit’s eating habits.

What impresses me most is that despite the firmness, the feed does not compromise on nutritional value. Clients have mentioned how these pellets last longer than others they’ve tried, cutting down on waste.

The consistent size and quality of the pellets are a plus, making it easier for rabbits to handle and digest them.

Occasionally, some pellets may crumble, but it’s infrequent and not a deal-breaker. Even with a minor downside like this, it’s evident that Small World has put thought into their pellet formulation, something both my furry patients and I appreciate.

Dietary Fiber Content

I’ve come to appreciate the importance of a high-fiber diet for these little guys, and the Small World Rabbit Feed really fits the bill. Each pellet seems to be packed with the dietary fiber that rabbits need to keep their digestive systems running smoothly.

When I switched over to this feed, I noticed my rabbits were more energetic and their coats looked shinier—signs of good health.

It’s apparent to me that the fiber content of this food supports not just digestion, but overall wellbeing. The durable pellets also help with their dental health, as chewing on them can reduce the risk of overgrown teeth, a common issue in rabbits.

It’s not just about what’s good in this feed, but also what’s missing. Thankfully, I didn’t find any unnecessary fillers or additives that could compromise my rabbits’ health.

The focus on fiber is a huge plus, but I always tell fellow rabbit owners to monitor their pets’ individual responses to a new diet to ensure it’s the right fit.

Pros and Cons

Having spent a substantial amount of time caring for rabbits, I’ve had my fair share of experiences with various feeds.

Recently, I had the chance to offer my bunnies Small World’s Rabbit Feed, and it’s been quite a revelation. Let’s dive into what makes it stand out, as well as some areas where it could be better.


  • Complete Nutrition: I appreciate how this feed includes all the necessary nutrients for a healthy rabbit diet, right out of the bag. It’s important for my furry patients to get a balanced diet, and Small World seems to deliver on this front.
  • Suitable for All Rabbits: Whether you have a tiny Netherland Dwarf or a large Flemish Giant, this pellet feed caters to rabbits of all sizes. It’s a relief not having to buy different feeds for different rabbit breeds in my care.
  • High in Fiber: Rabbits need fiber to keep their digestive system healthy, and these pellets are packed with it. It’s reassuring to see my rabbits maintain a smooth digestive process with this feed.
  • Firm Pellets: The firmness of the pellets helps with the dental health of rabbits, encouraging the natural wearing down of their continuously growing teeth.


  • Not Timothy Hay-Based: While the feed is nutritious, ideally, I prefer to give my rabbits a Timothy hay-based diet. It’s closer to their natural dietary needs.
  • Packaging Surprises: Although the feed usually arrives as expected, there has been some confusion with the shipping process. Once, it even came through an unexpected retailer, which was surprising but ultimately not a problem.
  • Price Fluctuations: Many of my fellow rabbit caretakers have noted the price can vary significantly. Budgeting for rabbit care can be tricky when the cost of feed jumps around.

In summary, Small World Rabbit Feed seems to be a reliable choice for everyday nutrition that supports the health of all rabbit breeds.

However, as with any product, there are certain aspects that could be improved to align even more closely with the perfect rabbit diet.

Bottom Line

If you’re in search of a reliable, everyday rabbit feed, Small World’s offering is a standout choice that I can confidently recommend.

It’s got the nutritional balance that bunnies need, and the convenience that rabbit owners will love.

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Feeding Instructions

When it comes to nourishing your bunny friends, I’ve found that Small World Rabbit Feed hits the mark for daily nutrition.

As a vet, I’ve seen many rabbits thrive on this feed. The durable pellets are not just munch-worthy but serve to keep those pearly whites well-trimmed. Bunnies need to wear down their teeth, and these pellets offer a tasty way to do so.

I recommend a consistent feeding schedule to my clients. By providing the feed every day, you’re ensuring that your rabbits get a steady supply of high dietary fiber, which is crucial for a well-functioning digestive system.

My experience aligns perfectly with the ease of integrating Small World into any rabbit’s diet, as it’s formulated to suit rabbits across all life stages.

Remember, moderation is key! Even with a complete nutrition formula, overfeeding is a no-go. Adjust portions based on your rabbit’s size, age, and activity level, and always monitor your rabbit’s health and weight.

Don’t forget fresh water should be available at all times – hydration is just as important as a solid meal.

Customer Reviews

I’ve been keeping an eye on the chatter about Small World’s Rabbit Feed, and it’s clear to me why it’s a favorite among rabbit owners. With so many reviews, people are generally happy with the value they’re getting.

A few folks have mentioned that they would prefer the pellets to be based on timothy hay, more in line with a rabbit’s natural diet, yet the current formulation seems to work well and lasts a long time. My professional advice as a vet is to always ensure a balanced diet; while pellets provide essential nutrients, don’t forget the hay, fresh veggies, and clean water.

From my own experience, rabbits tend to be quite particular about their food, but it seems Small World has found a formula that many bunnies enjoy. One added anecdote is that the pellets also double as a great absorbent bedding for puppy litters, making it a versatile product worth trying.


From my own experience with furry little friends, I’ve found Small World Rabbit Feed to be a well-balanced choice for rabbit owners.

The 25lbs bag offers a generous supply of firm and durable pellets, with a notable improvement in my rabbits’ digestion and overall health. I’m particularly impressed with the high dietary fiber content, which is crucial for these creatures.

However, it’s essential to remember that while this food does provide complete nutrition, it’s not timothy hay-based—which, from a vet’s point of view, is a bit of a downside as hay is a pivotal part of a rabbit’s diet.

I often advise rabbit owners to supplement with hay for the best results.

Many of my clients have mentioned that their rabbits are quite fond of it, and the recent price drop has certainly been a welcome change.

Swift shipping and the convenience of buying a familiar store product online add to the appeal. Just a quick tip: always double-check the supplier to ensure you’re getting what you expect.

Balancing affordability with quality, this feed seems to be a solid option for rabbit owners looking for everyday nutrition for their pets. Overall, my opinion is positive, but I do stress the importance of a varied diet, including plenty of fresh hay.


When I first used Small World Rabbit Feed, I was impressed by its firm pellets. These aren’t just great for keeping my bunnies’ teeth trim; they’re also incredibly resistant to crumbling, which means less waste.

Many fellow rabbit owners ask if it’s suitable for all rabbits, and from my experience, it’s a resounding yes. Both young and old rabbits at my clinic seem to find the pellets palatable and easy to digest due to the high fiber content.

I’ve observed that it provides complete nutrition, which is important to prevent any dietary deficiencies. Regular feeding helps ensure a balanced diet. However, it’s important to remember—like I always tell my clients—that fresh vegetables and access to hay are also important for a rabbit’s health.

The only downside I’ve noted is that the pellets aren’t primarily made from timothy hay, which many experts, myself included, recommend as part of a rabbit’s diet.

Nevertheless, for pet owners looking for a cost-effective, nutritionally complete food that their rabbits enjoy, Small World Feed is a good choice.

Maurice Alice

Dr. Maurice Alice is a veterinary expert with over 10 years of experience in exotic animal medicine, specializing in dental care for rabbits and rodents. He is dedicated to providing exceptional care for his patients and is passionate about promoting animal welfare.

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